The Landcare Centre
In 2014 the Landcare Centre on Hartley Road was established.

A lease from Council on a section of public land meant that a shed and greenhouse could be built.
Further improvements to the land include planting native gardens, restoration of the creek and waterhole and educational signage.



The centre is now a community space which is regularly being utilised by local residents.

Kelso Creek Pond

For many centuries this attractive pool has been a natural habitat for a wide variety of birds, small water creatures and native animals. It would certainly have been known to the Wangerriburra people, the original custodians of this area.
The pool is fed from a spring just to the south, which rises from one of the mountain’s many underground aquifers. This pond is the source of Kelso Creek, which flows north to meet the larger Cedar Creek, which in turn joins the Logan and Albert Rivers that discharge into Moreton Bay.

The creek is named after the 1880s selector, Samuel Kelso, whose land portion 101 stretched northward from the adjacent Hartley Road. The land containing the pool and the area now occupied by Tamborine Mountain’s Sports Fields was selected, also in the 1880s, by John Price, being portion 107 of 160 acres. It was later owned by the Hartley family, after whom the adjacent street wasnamed. After being owned by a succession of farmers, it was purchased in 1949 by the Marist Brothers Order for a school farm. In recent years the area was acquired by the Scenic Rim Regional Council for a Sports Complex.

Landcare Centre Native Plant List

If you are unable to view the plant list, you can download the full PDF here


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